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Regional Cooking
Recipes from around the World
Updated Tuesday, August 1, 2000

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Purpose of this Resource . . .

Sharing food is a wonderful setting for community gatherings and storytelling. Sharing the foods of distant peoples is a wonderful way to set the stage for learning more about those people and their lives and customs. While we provide this collection of recipes as a "resource" for learning about other cultures, we also invite you to simply enjoy them for what they are!

Some links take you to collections embracing whole continents (such as the Congo Cookbook immediately below), while others take you to collections for specific countries or regions.


  • The Congo Cookbook

    This one website compiled by a returned veteran Peace Corps member is what inspired this whole project! Wonderful site!


  • Cambodia
  • Thailand

    Native American

  • NATIVE WAY: The Grandmothers' Cookbook

    South America

    Chef Douglas Rodriguez's "Nuevo Latino" Cuisine
    Colorful Cooking of Latin America
    Comida Corrida Latin American Food Links
    La Olla Latinoamericana by Melissa Biggs
    Südamerikanische Küche


    Argentine Beef
    Argentine Cuisine
    Argentina Recipes
    Buenos Aires - Where Steaks are an Artform
    Carbonada Criolla
    Colorful Cooking of Latin America
    Gauchos Making an Asado
    In Argentina, Tofu is replacing T-Bone
    Information about Yerba Mate
    Margarita's Cooking Page
    Recetas de la Cocina Argentina
    Recetas de Cocina


    Destination Bolivia
    Jorge Aramayo's "Hot from My Cocina"
    Bolivian Recipe BookSeeds of Change - Peppers
    Spicy Bolivian Chicken


    Brazilian Coffee
    Brazil Recipes
    Brazilian Cuisine
    Collection of Feijoada Recipes
    Colorful Cooking of Latin America
    Desserts from Restaurante Guimas in Rio de Janeiro
    The Flavor of Brazil
    Brazilian Food
    Brazilian Recipe Archive
    The Flavor of Brazil
    Information about Yerba Mate
    Pedro's Kitchen
    Receitas da Marina
    Receitas da VovÉo
    Recipes for Feijoada
    A Taste of Brazil
    Yerba Maté


    Colorful Cooking of Latin America
    Comida Chilena
    Chilenos Cocinando a la Chilena
    Recetas de Chile


    Colombian Coffee
    Colombian Cuisine Page
    Turbana Banana Page - banana & plaintain info. & recipes 
    Colombian Recipe Archive
    Colombian Recipes from Sue's Recipe Server


    Ecuador Exports
    Ecuadorian Coffee
    Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche
    Recetas Ecuatorianas


    Guyanese Foods and Recipes


    Destination Paraguay
    Information about Yerba Mate
    Paraguayan Recipes
    Way of Life in Paraguay
    Yerba Maté


    Colorful Cooking of Latin America
    Juan-Pablo's Peruvian Recetas de Mama
    Peruvian Coffee
    Peruvian Restaurant Menu
    Recetas Peruanas


    Food of the Carib Indians of Coastal Suriname
    Food of the Maroons of the Rainforest
    Recepten uit Suriname
    Surinamese Food
    Surinamese Food and Recipes


    Information about Yerba Mate
    Recipes from Uruguay


    Venezuelan Coffee
    Venezuelan Dishes
    Venezuelan Recipe Archive

    Coming very soon:
    Support Parish without Borders (and enjoy creative cooking!)
    by visiting Ruth-Ann's Cookbooks

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